Why do Quora users needlessly go anonymous when posting questions?

A question considered in We are Anonymous and we ask the questions on Quora: So how many questions are asked by anon users? by Laura Hale on quora numbers

cc Laura Hale

38% of questions, ±10%.

The theory I came up with in reaction:


It makes sense that dens of argument like Atheism/Theism would have a high proportion of anon; but the relatively large number in uncontroversial topics like Chemistry is an ongoing source of befuddlement to me.

Actually, it isn’t: 38%. That’s not people fearful of retaliation. That’s people opting out of RealName. it’s a surrogate for the pseudonymy that Quora bans.

Thereby undoing the perceived benefits of RealName.

38%. … Wow. That’s really a cultural effect, and not just a contingent response. That points to people asking anonymously all the time.


Anon fails to deliver by Nick Nicholas on Gallery of Awesomery

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