Why do the All Time Stats graphs have such difficulty and slowness loading in Quora?

I am the first to say that Quora Inc are technically incompenent (in places; I was rather impressed with their recent post on CSS: Faster Paint Times by Michael Yong on Engineering at Quora).

But concretely, look more closely at the all time graph.

See how it starts back at 2013 or whenever? (I’m not checking, coz it’s slow.)

What’s the bet that the all time graph doesn’t start fetching data to plot from when you joined Quora, but from the start of time?

Oh, and 1.6 million views is modest, is it?

I’ve got 300k.

I hate you.

(Checks profile)

Oh, you’re that anti-anti-smoking dude! In that case, I love you. Coz God knows, you’re not getting a whole lot of love on this forum…

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