Why was the blog Rage Against Quora deleted (noticed on January 24, 2017)?


I may delete this answer, but to help out Ella González, I’d like to clarify what Tatiana’s post that Ella mentioned was all about. I do not think there is a direct relation between that and the blog being deleted.

Tatiana at Christmas time declared the annual truce on RAQ, inviting people to say what they liked about Quora. Tatiana added that she was concerned this past year, that people were starting to say they loathed Quora, or individual staff, or even her.

Tatiana’s more recent post was that she was concerned that a group of people, and one person in particular as the ringleader of that group, were not just criticising Quora in general, but making ad hominem attacks, @-mentioning and complaining against individual Quora staff. That was making it personal, she added, and those people were no longer welcome on the blog.

And she ended by saying that she was very worried that everyone else would take that to mean that they weren’t welcome on the blog either, and that this would mean noone would have the courage to post on the blog any more either.

I will not name any names, but I know who the purported ringleader is, and so does he. He does do what Tatiana says he does. He’d noticed some deletion activity around his RAQ posts days before, so he knew what was afoot. When the post was made, he commented to say that he acknowledged Tatiana’s request, and unsubscribed from the blog.

I also commented to the post, saying that I noted her point, and that I would never piss on the carpet in the blog that is Tatiana’s house.

I said that, because I have also said publicly that I am in sympathy with said ringleader. I do not choose to do what he does, but I do choose to be vocal about things I think are wrong, and to say I am not a fan of how Quora is managed.

Nothing in her post indicated that Tatiana was considering pulling the plug on the blog. And since the gripes kept coming in after it, nothing visibly corroborated her fear that her post had led to a chilling effect on the blog.

So whatever happened to RAQ, I believe that the post (by itself) wasn’t it.

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