Which formerly Ottoman-occupied peoples understand “s–tir” today?

OP noted that there were many answers already stashed away under What does Siktir (سیکتیر) means in Persian? I’ll paste here the comments that Dimitra Triantafyllidou and I left there for Greek. Some quite obvious parallels with Albanian and Romanian, as reported by Aziz Dida and Diana Crețu.


In Greek it just means “Turkish word for ‘get fuckedʼ ”; it’s actually never used in its literal meaning of copulation.

Cretan weddings traditionally take three days, and the final dish served to the guests (typically the entire goddamn village) is a simple rice broth.

The Cretan name for the dish is σιχτίρ πιλάφι sikhtir pilafi. “Fuck-off pilaf.”


There is a Thracian dance (often danced in weddings) called “sikhtir havasi” It’s monotonous, fast and the footwork is not all that easy after you’ve had a few. The idea is the musicians started playing this to get people tired and get them to leave. It’s the first part of the video. It’s not that boring for a minute or two but after that…


The Air in Fuck-Off! And it’s got the same purpose to it as Haydn’s Farewell Symphony! Oh, that’s delicious!

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