When answering your own Quora question, what’s a good, quick way to include that you are the poster (something similar in brevity and style to ‘A2A’)?

What I’ve used is “OP here” or “I’m the OP”. I want to use a succinct rather than a discursive form.

McKayla Kennedy says you don’t need to signal that you’ve answered your own question, because the question is community property.

But I do signal, at least some times, that I’ve answered my question, because it pertains to the answer (which is mine) not the question. It flags to readers that my answer is a self-answer, because:

  • at least for some people it can make them wary of the answer (it contains unexpressed presuppositions, it’s self-promotion)
  • I’m flagging that the answer is intended as a conversation-starter—I actually am pushing along a request for people to disagree with me.

That’s just me, of course.

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