What are the coolest side projects you’ve seen people create which were based off of the content on Quora?

Since Quora Shall Not have an API, they don’t want you doing cool things based off content. (They must be the only social media company in the Valley not to. Oh, I forget. They’re not social media.)

There were many data visualisation in the elder days: Oliver Emberton did a bunch of stuff, as did Stormy Shippy. Long since disabled. The best there is around now is whatever can scrape your profile page, which is down to:

Note that they visualise the post count on topics on your profiles. If you aren’t a MVW in a topic and haven’t indicated that you know about that topic, the topic will be missing from your profile, and hence your list. Going through your answers and identifying other topics is a good thing to do…

… except that with all API attempts disabled, you can’t do that. The best you can do (as I did recently) is download all your answers, eliminate the questions not tagged with a topic you know, and see what’s left. It’s suboptimal.

Oh yeah. Download your content. Once more, thank you Brian Bi: Brian Bi’s answer to When, and how, will I be able to download all of the Quora content I have produced, like the Facebook and Twitter feed export options?

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