Why does Quora send me a notification that my question may need editing when I’m not the one who asked the question?

Originally Answered:

Why does Quora send me a note that: “The question needs to be Improved”, when I only answered the question?

Quora isn’t trying to work out what is wrong with the question. Its bots have picked up something is wrong (whether or not something is wrong, because Quora’s bots are not as smart as Quora assumes they are). But imagine if Quora trusted its bots to reword your question!

The horror… The horror…

So instead, Quora is bouncing the question for rewording back to people who it thinks might plausibly understand, better than its lobotomised bots do, what the question actually means.

Candidate #1: the question asker.

Candidate #2: anyone who answered the question. If you answered the question, then there is a better than even chance that you understood what the question meant.

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