Zis is Kvora! Ve don’t make jokes about anonymität here!

To any popular or Top Writers: can you anonymously answer this question in such a way that we can guess who you are?

It was a very entertaining meta-thread, of people posting in their own style, and having people guess who they are. When people guessed correctly, people removed their anonymity. Or they didn’t, so others could keep guessing.

Someone said in comments, “but this question invites people to guess the identity of anonymous posters, and that isn’t allowed under Quora rules.”

“Oh come on, you stick in the mud,” I thought. “Surely Quora Moderation is not going to be so robotic as to completely miss the point of the joke.”

My fans and followers and fellows. If I ever say again “Surely Quora Moderation is not going to be so robotic…”, do me a favour.

Kick me before I even finish that sentence.

EDIT: Mod-proof variant now up as a blog: Guess The Quoran

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